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Holiday Home Readiness Service

“In every job that must be done there is an element of fun” – Mary Poppins

Apart from identifying and reporting maintenance needs, making recommendations and taking care of the identified problems on your behalf, we also offer to see to it that your holiday home is always ready for occupation.

 Services that could be included into the holiday readiness package:

  • Maintenance of the outdoor/exterior areas such as tending to the garden and mowing the lawn; removal of trash, garden refuse and other debris from the premises; cleaning the pool, etc.
  • Interior cleaning/maintenance of the house: vacuum carpets, wash floors, dust all surfaces, air all the rooms, make sure all appliances are in safe working order, etc.
  • Washing the windows inside and out. Keeping windows clean is an ongoing problem in Stilbaai as a result of the salty sea spray constantly blown against the windows clouding the view. Most holiday homes have large windows to allow maximum views as well as ample light into the home.
  • Changing and washing bedding once a week.
  • Stocking the fridge and freezer and doing grocery shopping.
  • Ensuring that there is enough fire wood for the indoor fireplace in winter as well as the outside braai.
  • Checking the gas in the gas bottles where applicable.
  • Any ad hoc requests.

Holiday Homes & other Property

Property & Holiday Home Rental Service

“A man should never neglect his family for business” – Walt Disney

At Peace of Mind we also offer to take the hassle of renting you holiday home from your shoulders and let you simply enjoy your investment.

To start with we make use of a tried and tested screening process of tenants to ensure that the holiday home will suit them, and vice versa:

  • We phone-screen potential tenants.
  • Supply as well as ensure the signing of a Holiday Rental agreement.
  • Take care of all complaints and tenant requests.
  • Do pre- and post-occupation inventory checks.

The holiday rental management package includes issues such as:

  • We ensure that the home is ready to welcome guests.
  • On arrival their dedicated host meets and welcomes them.
  • Does an inspection with them before handing over the keys.
  • Their host is the contact between the guests and yourself, the owner.
  • Is their emergency contact.
  • Tends to any ad hoc requests and arrangements like airport transfers, transport, sightseeing trips as well as fishing excursions as needed.
  • Does inspection with the guests before they leave and receives the keys.
  • Provides deposit return authorisation.
  • Arrange for additional cleaning services if required by guests. (which is for the account of the guests, of course)
  • Post-occupation cleaning if required is also for the account of the guests.

Call-outs are handled the same across the board

Property & Holiday Home Marketing Service

“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE” - Gary Vaynerchuk

Owning property which you acquired as an investment, doesn’t mean much if nobody knows about its existence. You need to advertise the holiday home, not only in Stilbaai, but nationally and even internationally.

We offer to make your property work for your, earn you a return on your investment. You might have made the investment in property to have a place to spend your holidays and eventually live in when retired.

Peace of Mind can assist in marketing the house for those times that you are not occupying the house yourself. This way the house brings in money to pay for its own maintenance and enhancement.

Any which way, your property should not just sit there idle, eating money while it can work for you. If nobody lives in it, or cares for it for most of the year, the condition of the house will deteriorate. Such neglect could result in the value gradually going south.

Marketing of holiday accommodation properties under our care – on our books – are automatically placed in our listing.

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