Frequently Ask Questions

List of Frequently Ask Questions.
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  • Act as Agent for the landlord (owner).
  • Prepare properties for renting.
  • Inspect properties before, during, and after a lease term or holiday rental booking.
  • Market properties.
  • Make properties available for prospective tenants or buyers to view.
  • Receive applications.
  • Screen applicants.
  • Coordinate lease signings and lease renewals.
  • Maintain the investment property.
  • Provide administrative and financial property management.
  • For complexes, provide leasing, maintenance, and management services
  • Maintain records of property maintenance activities via computerised system.
  • Correspond with owners and tenants

If you lack the time or expertise needed for day-to-day management of your buildings, an expert property manager can help you make a big difference in your investment success. We are your eyes and ears on deck.

We have the experience & “know-how” to take care of your and your properties every need. When you engage us, you can expect the very best management solutions. We will make every effort to earn your trust. There is no better choice for your investment and peace of mind. With our offices strategically based in Stillbay we are perfectly positioned to be your key to comfort.

Our success lies in offering you the reliable, efficient property management service that you deserve.

How Are We Different Than Other Property Managers?


We do the work you are paying us to do and don`t inundate you with needless communication on all the nitty gritty.


Partnerships with local suppliers and service providers allows us to offer clients competitive advantage in terms of price and quality.


Having our offices located in the towns where we operate allows our customers the convenience of walking in to discuss their needs and concerns face to face with their property manager.


We consider you our partner and we only make money if you remain satisfied with our pricing and service standards. We work with you and have clear cut fees, rather than trying to milk as much money out of you as possible.


We aren’t realtors disguised as property managers. We only do property management so you get our full focus rather than being an afterthought.

Yes. To set up a free consultation to discuss your property in detail, please contact us.

You are charged a flat property management fee per month based on your preferred package and a commission based fee for holiday rentals. Rental percentages would either be on a fixed 20% of day rate, or on a sliding scale model. Costs outside of this monthly commission could be an initial setup fee and costs for any repair work.

Yes. We will communicate with you throughout our agreement via our regular reports, WhatsApp and/or email to keep you aware of any issues that may arise.

We however always aim to handle situations with your best interests in mind and would thus not like to bother you for each little issue or incident. At the start of our relationship it is thus important to discuss your expectations to avoid confusion.

At contract initiation we conduct a detailed inspection of your properties internal and external condition. After this, based on the package you select, we complete 2 weekly, or monthly inspections which are then provided to the customer in a Pdf Report format.

We aim to proactively manage maintenance requirements of your property, but owner or tenants can also phone, Whatsapp or email their requests to us.  They can also request maintenance online via our website. After we receive a repair request, we may contact the owner or resident and ask them more questions to help us determine the exact nature of the problem before visiting the property to prepare a quotation. Once the quote is approved we will schedule the work to be completed. Most repairs are scheduled within one business day and completed within 7 – 10 days.

Yes. Owners or tenants can contact us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to respond to emergencies.

Maintenance is a necessary expense of owning a property. Proactively taking care of maintenance issues can help you save money long term. Our relationships with preferred vendors help you save on expenses, and our regular inspections can help you identify issues before they become problems. When maintenance is needed, we provide reliable, prompt and affordable service, and always clear all maintenance expenses with the owner in advance.

Whether you own one home or dozens, each property needs time and attention for maintenance. Peace of Mind Management and Maintenance has the knowledge, experience and professional team to make owning property easier. We are well and truly your key to comfort when it comes to holiday home ownership.

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