Property Management

Property Management

We’ll let you know when something is wrong. We’ll also let you know when nothing is wrong

Inspection of your Property

Property management inspections are important for the protection of your property as well as for preserving your home’s value. We undertake to regularly inspect your property for any interior as well as exterior maintenance needs. The number of scheduled inspections per month depends on the package of your choice. When not in use property keys in our care are always securely locked away in a special key safe.

What do we look for during an inspection?

  • Safety hazards like piled up rubbish where dangerous snakes could nest and gaps in paving or broken floor tiles that could cause accidental injuries (and legal costs). Also lack of fire extinguisher/fire alarm, worn electrical cords, swimming pool without fence or safety net, detection of damaging pests such as termites, etc.
  • Code violations such as electrical errors, no handrails on stairs, improper ventilation, dangerous windows and so forth.
  • Security issues like the alarm and security lights not working, damaged burglarproofing, damaged outside lights, garage door that would not close, broken locks, and so on.
  • Electrical appliance checks such as if the freezer is working, if the geyser is working, etc.
  • Repair needs like a defective swimming pool pump or fountain not working, signs of water leaks, cracked or broken windows and the like.
  • Maintenance needs such as peeling paint, a cracked wall, woodwork in need of oil, loose gutters/roof tiles, sheets or shingles, rust on metal surfaces,trees in need of pruning, etc.

We make use of a market leading application using cellphones, tablets or computers for reporting and keeping record of maintenance activities. From start to finish we record every step of every job, including taking photos and keeping you updated by email, WhatsApp or sms.

Reporting After Inspection

Within 24 hours of an inspection you will receive a feedback report containing details as well as pictures of our findings. The report will include interior as well as exterior issues and conditions as well as highlight areas for maintenance. If a problem is detected early on, as well as attended to, it will not become a big problem.



A vital component of our inspection feedback report is our preventative maintenance recommendations for your consideration. These recommendations will cover those faulty internal and external issues and conditions not identified during the regular inspection.

We will offer recommendations on repairs to be made as well as safety hazards and security issues to be rectified. Our recommendations will also address any code violations detected as well as existing or preventative maintenance aspects, including the condition of the garden or yard.

Peace of Mind offers to manage and oversee all activities necessary to correct any or all of the problems mentioned in the report. We will take care of your property in your absence with the same caution that we would have our own.

24/7/365 Manager Accessibility

Very important – you have 24/7/365 access to your property manager. This means that if anything goes wrong at your property you can be at peace knowing your property manager is on duty 24 hours every day of the year.

Emergency call-outs

We are your eyes and ears at all times. In the following cases we will visit your property and take care of the problem:

  • An alarm being tripped
  • Power having tripped
  • Water damage
  • Vandalism
  • Other reported damage or accidents
  • Housekeepers or service providers requiring access to the property

One free call-out per month is included in your package; any further ad hoc call-outs though, will be charged per call-out.


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